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My Goal Is Simple:

To help you on your path to a healthier, more fulfilled life.

According to research, neglecting personal health is one of the biggest regrets people face as they get older. 


Because personal wellness provided the greatest possibility for taking corrective steps. 

This doesn’t need to be you.

But let’s face it, life’s challenging and it becomes oh-so easy to neglect our personal wellness. 


Even when we try to find solutions, it’s often time-consuming, false or fragmented. This often leaves us even more puzzled and dismayed.

Yet I Believe That…

Even though our lives are unique, our problem usually isn’t.
We can find solutions to any problem.
Often, we’re only a few decisions away from living a healthier, more fulfilled life.
My medical knowledge, professional experience and research skills will help you get there.
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About Me

Hi there, I’m Rushana. Most people call me Rush. I worked for several years as a medical doctor in Guyana. 

After migrating recently, I made a career shift. I now work in the Pharmaceutical industry but also decided to spread my wings in the online world. I co-run a successful online business with my husband. 

However, I’ve always loved writing and am truly zealous about promoting biopsychosocial well-being. So, I decided to start blogging to combine these two passions. 

I’m truly honored to share my expertise and personal experiences to help you find the solutions you need to live your best life.

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One Solution at a Time